Do you make a backup copy of my website?

Kline IT Solutions is not responsible for backups of your website. �While we make every effort to keep current backups of your sites, it is the client's responsibility to maintain current backups.

Kline IT Solutions always suggests and promotes you making your own personal backup of your website on a regular basis. You can download your own personal backups through the cPanel backup feature.

Kline IT Solutions is not responsible for lost data, time, income or any other resource due to faulty, corrupted, missing backups. We do NOT keep backups if your account is terminated or cancelled.

There is an excellent backup utility in your Cpanel control panel. Please use it frequently, as you are responsible for your own website, There is nothing to worry about if you are diligent about using the backup utility that is provided for your convenience and peace of mind.

To back up your website files, log into your control panel and click the "Backup" link. There you may choose to download a compressed full backup of your website, which contains a�full backup that includes all of the files in your home directory, your MySQL databases, and your email forwarders and filters. You can back up your account to preserve your data, or to move your account to another cPanel web hosting server in the future.�You can also download an .sql file of any or all of your databases in use. Do NOT try to open the backup files with a file compression utility (WinZip, ZipMagic, Stuffit, etc.). Just save them somewhere on your hard drive, in case you ever need to use them to restore lost or corrupted files.

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