Can I change to a different domain name for my hosting account?

Yes. Please submit a support ticket with the details of your request.

 How do I get my domain to work?

Your domain will not work until you have pointed it to the our nameservers and it has propagated...

 My domain is registered via another registrar. Can I transfer it to you?

Yes. You can use this link to get started. Transfer a Domain

 What is Domain Parking?

Domain Parking is adding additional domain name(s) that you own to a hosting account with all of...

 What is domain name propagation?

Propagation is the time it takes to send your domain's address information to servers all over...

 What is domain pointing?

It takes domain parking a step further, when multiple domains resolve to different index pages or...

 Where can I register a Domain Name?

You can register a domain name by using our domain registration tool.